Home Cables Power optical cable Air blown cable FTTH cable Conventional cable Monitoring Conductor Temperature Monito Conductor Sag Monitor Conductor Wind Deflection Monito Tower Inclination Monitor External Damage Monitoring and Warning System Aeolian Vibration Monitor HD Video Monitor Micrometeorology Monito POF POF cable POF light Accessory Microduct Microduct connector Hardware fitting Brand Cases News center Distributors About Us Introduction Culture History Jobs cn POF cable> CF2 Low-loss Fiber CF2 Low-loss Fiber Details Features   Light in weight, excellent flexibility, vibration resistance Energy saving and safe , high bandwidth Anti-electromagnetic interference, stable and reliable signal transmission Comply with YD/T 1447-2006 and YD/T 1258.6-2006, the national communications industry standard.   Applications   Sensor signal transmission Industrial control signal transmission Audio signal transmission Special LAN or access network Auto multimedia signals or control signal transmission Military equipment     Specifications   Model Optical fiber diameter(mm) Coil length(mm) CF2-750 0.75 2700 CF2-1000 1.0 1500   Technical Parameters     Parameters Unit Numerical value Fiber material --- PMMA/Fluororesin Attenuation dB/m ≤0.25 NA --- 0.5 Wavelength nm 650 Incident angle --- ≤60° Bandwidth MHz· 100m ≥10 Bend radius --- ≥10 times of fiber diameter Operating temperature ℃ -20~70 Storage temperature ℃ -20~70 Refractive index --- Step index   Applications --> About Us Introduction Culture History Jobs Products Cables Monitoring POF Accessories News Center Industry news Huiyuan news Contact Us Be our partner Contacts us Copyright © 2016 hyoc.com.cn All Rights Reserved. 蜀ICP备12033114号 Support:DGG

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